Slaven Bilic’s Baggies share out goals in Championship promotion race

West Brom traditionally thrived in their recruitment of relatively obscure bargains and, re-energised under Slaven Billic, they appear to be superbly set up for the title run-in

As Tammy Abraham tucked away his penalty to send Aston Villa to Wembley, West Brom hearts broke. Amid a raucous atmosphere at The Hawthorns last May, it had been the kick that confirmed a play-off defeat for the Baggies.

Fast forward nine months, though, and maybe that failure was a blessing for Albion. It facilitated a reset and, under a special manager in Slaven Bilic, they’re six points clear at the highest of the Championship, and therefore the division’s leading scorers.

Not that they’re going to be taking anything without any consideration in another captivating Championship promotion race. On 20 December, West Brom and Leeds were 12 and 10 points beyond third place respectively, yet such is that the league’s unpredictability that Bilic’s team then did not win in seven matches and Leeds have picked up only nine points in 10 games since. Leeds are level with Fulham in third place, with a niche of only three points to Bristol City, in seventh.

“The Championship is extremely interesting,” said Bilic before Saturday’s game with Nottingham Forest. “Good quality matters in fact but I don’t see that big a difference between teams, which suggests you’ve got to be double focused.”

West Brom, despite their fourth-place finish last season, relied heavily on Dwight Gayle, Jay Rodriguez and Harvey Barnes, who was on loan during the primary half the season. Those three players scored 61.8% of West Brom’s goals and their moments of brilliance habitually bailed out poor team showings. Take a 4-0 victory over Rotherham for instance . Rotherham missed a penalty, had an attempt cleared off the road and stuck the woodwork twice but Dwight Gayle’s sumptuous hat-trick masked the deficiencies.

This season there’s a stark improvement throughout the team. Their leading scorer, Charlie Austin, has only eight league goals, but there are 17 different scorers. In 2018-19 West Brom kept eight clean sheets from 46 league games, yet under Bilic they need seven from 32. From conceding 1.33 goals per game last season, it’s been reduced to 1.06 goals per game this term.

“Yes we’ve improved over the season. The mood is sweet and that we have an honest spell behind us,” said Bilic. “But we suffered before and were hurt. We never stopped believing and dealing hard. It’s much easier to be third, fourth or fifth than first or second – they’re dreaming to be within the top two. But you’ve got to deal with that if you would like to achieve success . It’s easy to be average but if you would like to be the simplest actor or surgeon it costs a sacrifice.”

Last season’s side was predominantly drawn from the squad relegated in 2018 and an ageing squad was in need of rejuvenation after the play-offs. quite £25m was raised from the summer sales of Craig Dawson, Salomón Rondón and Jay Rodriguez.

West Brom traditionally thrived in their recruitment of relatively obscure bargains. for instance , Peter Odemwingie, their record Premier League scorer, was plucked from Lokomotiv Moscow, and Gareth McAuley made 227 appearances after joining on a free from Ipswich.

Towards the top of their most up-to-date eight-season stay within the top flight West Brom compromised this model. George Graham once said: “Never buy a player who’s taking a step right down to join you. He will act as if he’s doing you a favour.” The signings of Grzegorz Krychowiak, Daniel Sturridge and Oliver Burke, whose preceding clubs were Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool and RB Leipzig respectively, perhaps demonstrates this.

The reset allowed the club to return to their successful recruitment tactic, with Semi Ajayi, Darnell Furlong and Romaine Sawyers coming back from Rotherham, Queens Park Rangers and Brentford respectively for a touch over £5m in total. All have impressed. Matheus Pereira, signed on loan from Sporting Lisbon but never a daily there and sent away by his parent club for a 3rd consecutive season, has dazzled, with six goals and 11 assists. In January the strategy was reaffirmed with the acquisition of Kamil Grosicki for £800,000 from Hull. The Pole has 18 assists and 15 goals over the past two Championship seasons. “With WBA my dreams can come true,” he said.

Comparisons are made to Tony Mowbray’s West Brom who, after losing the 2007 play-off final, sold players like Jason Koumas and Curtis Davies for multimillion-pound fees and brought in up-and-coming talents including Chris Brunt, the club captain almost 13 years on. The team won the Championship the subsequent season.

Bilic, who guided West Ham to their record Premier League points total and humbled Steve McClaren’s England while responsible of Croatia, has reenergised the club, and therefore the connection between players and fans is flourishing.

They have played some scintillating football, managing 54 goal attempts over their past two games, and appear to be superbly found out for the run-in with Bilic focused on the challenge ahead. “There is not any time for the plaudits,” he said. “It is time to be confident but not time to rest and say yes we are great. We still have games to travel . Forest are an entire team so we’ve a really difficult game.”

RB Leipzig’s Emil Forsberg: ‘We’re not here to buy Mbappé and Messi. We’re here to develop players’

Emil Forsberg, in action here against Hoffenheim, says: ‘I was a good left winger but an even better No 10.’

Forsberg, moved centrally from out wide to unleash his creative potential, was in sensational form that year. “I was an honest left winger but a good better No 10, it turned me into the proper player,” he says, a press release borne out by the 22 assists that outdid anyone else in Europe’s top five leagues.

“No one can say anything now,” he says of these in Sweden who chided him. “My career and therefore the things I’ve done here represent themselves.” Like Leipzig, he flattened out slightly then exhilarating 2016-17 season, a series of groin problems not helping his form. it’s become common practice to write down off Forsberg, because he’s now a 28-year-old during a club that valorise youth like few others. But he was instrumental to a primary half this campaign that took Leipzig to the highest of both the Bundesliga and their Champions League group, scoring eight times and thriving under the leadership of Nagelsmann.

“I think he made me better and made the team better: the proper coach for the proper club at the proper time,” he says of the manager, who is merely four years his senior. Nagelsmann has, by common consent, added a more technical element to the pressing game developed under Rangnick and Hasenhüttl. His training drills have a reputation for being complex but Forsberg has found his eyes opened anew at a comparatively late stage.

“We have a couple of more combinations now, a couple of more solutions,” he says. “[Nagelsmann] features a considered everything. There’s always an idea around it, then you only need to roll in the hay . You’ll get a sort of lightbulb in your head like: ‘Ah, OK, so if I do this , that which , this may open up and that i can play that pass or that pass.’ It’s fun, even at this age, that you simply can learn something new.”

Forsberg’s father Leif – himself a storied former footballer with the hometown club they both represented, GIF Sundsvall – once said his son is “without a doubt the foremost boring player to interview”. It seems that’s not true; he converses readily and doesn’t dodge a subject , albeit a palpable guardedness tends to underpin his responses. there’s just one question that prompts an interruption of several seconds. The snowballs in Aue were faraway from the sole occurrences of hostility from opposing crowds in his half-decade with Leipzig: a severed bull’s head was thrown near the dig in a match at Dinamo Dresden in 2016 and, to offer only one newer example, Union Berlin’s fans began their meeting on this season’s opening day with a 15-minute silence.

Even if attitudes have softened in some quarters, there’ll always be those that never accept a Red Bull-owned club during a country where the stake held by supporters remains sacrosanct. it’s perfectly reasonable for Forsberg to not accept as true with the opprobrium his club has faced but does he, at least, understand it?

“Everyone’s getting to have an opinion on every little thing,” comes the reply, at length.

Football Players Who Can Give You Motivation for Success

Success cannot be achieved easily. If you want to succeed, you must be prepared to bear all risks, including failure. Many people are motivated to succeed with many reasons ranging from economic conditions, ridicule from many people to pursue a passion that has existed since childhood. Of course everyone has different reasons. Many inspirational stories from football players can provide a lot of motivation to be successful. Some football players also have interesting life stories and can provide inspiration to achieve a better life.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a popular football player and can also inspire many people with his extraordinary life story. On the other hand, Ronaldo is famous as someone who is generous and has a high social life. He even routinely donates blood every year as a form of humanitarian assistance. The story of Ronaldo in the past is indeed difficult. Ronaldo’s father died of an overdose and his drug addicted brother made Ronaldo’s childhood feel so hard and with limited economic conditions. However, this does not stop Ronaldo from continuing to struggle for his dream of becoming a football player. Ronaldo continues to train at a young age. Ronaldo’s struggle paid off starting with joining an amateur club until now Ronaldo has been known as the best soccer player in the world.

2. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is an Argentinian soccer player who has many achievements in football. Even Lionel Messi can be regarded as one of the football legends. Achievement of Lionel Messi at this time is certainly not easy. At first Messi had obstacles in playing football because he experienced a growth hormone disorder that disturbed his height growth. In addition, The Messi family has low economic conditions, but that did not affect Messi to develop his dream of becoming a reliable football player. Messi’s career began when he was willing to join FC Barcelona, who was interested in Messi’s football game and they were also willing to pay for Messi’s treatment.

3. Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria is also a football player who has an inspiring story that can motivate you. At first Di Maria only had a dream to become a professional football player, but due to economic limitations Di Maria had to harbor these dreams. In time Di Maria worked in a new stone quarry with his father to provide for his daily needs with his family. However, over time, Di Maria with his struggle can achieve his dream to become a professional football player. Of course the work done by Di Maria is not something that can be achieved in a day, but the effort is done with high hard work until he can achieve his current achievements.

3. Neymar

Neymar is a Brazilian football player who has many achievements. However, not many people know that Neymar has a difficult past and a low economic situation. Neymar has a limited economic life with limited space, so he has to share a room with his sister. With a strong determination finally Neymar can join as a young football player with a good career and until now he has been successful in reaching his career in football even with the highest income in the world.

4. Luka Modric

Life under threat of war is a tough thing. Growing up in a state of war had passed by Luka Modric. In his childhood Luka Modric passed through his days in camp refugees because at that time there was a Croatian war. With so many obstacles faced by Luka Modric did not hamper him to be able to achieve his dream as a world football player. Even since he was a child he had practiced a lot playing football in a frightening state of war with various threats that could come at any time. Even so, all the work that Luka Modric has done can be paid off and he has become a popular football player so that he is widely known by many people to his football abilities.

5. Alexis Sanchez

Being born from a family with economic limitations does not mean that it can prevent a person from achieving his dream. This has been proven by Alexis Sanchez. Before playing as a football player, Sanchez had an unpleasant childhood. His father had died when he was a toddler so he had to fight with his mother to be able to meet their daily needs. Sanchez works as a car washer to help his family. However, Sanchez has high dreams to be able to change his life. With the training he did well, Sanchez finally became a famous professional football player.

Jose Mourinho on Managing Tottenham Hotspur

Jose Mourinho replaced Mauricio Pochettino to give a new hope for Tottenham Hotspur on November 2019. It was quite like a surprise for the Premier League. Speculations are out there. Many believed that it’s not a wise choice of this Portuguese manager, Mourinho, to manage Tottenham Hotspur. It is not an easy job at all considering this team’s performance during this season. He admitted during in interview that Tottenham Hotspur is indeed not an easy job, but he is very optimistic that they can move forward with a new start. 

The new manager seemed to be very enthusiastic to give something new to this North London based team. At the moment the team is having a winter break for about 11 days. Meanwhile, Mourinho was spotted in Munich and enjoying the match. He later explained that he does not need a break as he needs to see all the details that he can only get from a live game. It is totally different from TV he stated. This is the opportunity that he needs to see some skills that are hidden from the game. He loved to see the warm-ups and how the players would do individually during the warm-ups and on the game. While the players, they need rest and refreshment which will have a good impact when they get back to the game. They will have 11 days break during the winter season.

With Mourinho since November 2019, Tottenham Hotspur won the  2 last games and getting a good start to get closer to Chelsea. Tottenham Hotspur is now on the 6th position in the Premier League. There is a high hope from the fans towards Mourinho to bring Tottenham Hotspur win the games. As we know that Tottenham Hotspur started with such poor performances that costs them to be out of the Top 3 in the Premiere League. 

Mourinho is very popular with his pragmatic style and his approach to the training session is rigid. He is also very famous for his relationship with his fellow players. He is very dominant, well that’s how a manager should be. However, rumour sparked that on his first 3 months with Spurs, he already had a tough player to deal with. It was Tanguy Ndombele that said to have a cold shoulder to Mourinho following the early substitute that was made by Mourinho during the FA Cup against Southampton. However, Mourinho did not make any comment about this case.

Mourinho responded to what the pers talked about him being unhappy with Tottenham Hotspur. In his interview, he explained that he is happy to be able to join Tottenham Hotspur. He is very looking forward to the next games that they will encounter together. He admitted that it is a difficult situation with Tottenham Hotspur, but, he also explained that it is the reason why he is there. 

Mourinho’s contract with the British team, Tottenham Hotspur will last for 4 years. Many are very optimistic that his presence will lead Tottenham Hotspur to success. The next game that they will face after the winter break is Aston Villa. Aston Villa is currently settled on the 17th of the Premier League chart. 

Tottenham Hotspur has some good players on the list too and they are mostly still young, for example Harry Kane. He is a good striker and played well with Tottenham Hotspur. By having Mourinho on board, the fans are quite positive and optimistic to get their favorite team to perform better and better. We all know that Mourinho is always interesting to follow. So, this is interesting to see how he will bring Tottenham Hotspur to its best shape.